28/05/2012 | השופטים ביניש, גרוניס, ריבלין, נאור, ארבל, חיות, מלצר | Israel
HC 3809/08 Association for Civil Rights v. Israel Police et al

Israel's High Court of Justice denied ACLU and Israel Bar Association petitions for lack of constitutionality of some of the arrangements set out in the Criminal Procedure (Enforcement Powers - Data Communications) Act - 2007, published in the Official Gazette on 12.27.2007 and entered into force on 27.06.2008, that allows Israeli investigative authorities toobtain all communication data, as defined in the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) - 1982.

Date 05/28/2012
High Court of Justice
ACLU v. Israel Police et al

The law should be applied only when there is an actual focused and concrete requirement. 

With respect to the authority set forth in Section 4 of the law it should be interpreted so that the permit for communications data interception without a court warrant is limited, in extreme cases, for the treatment of urgent offenses due to circumstances related to saving lives or difficult circumstances other, all while taking into account a variety of reasons such as the degree of involvement in the offense, the type of data requested, the level of urgency and the gravity of the offense.



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