Street View, Google's Street mapping service got a green light from the Israeli Justice Department.

A year ago, Google approached the Israeli government requesting a permit to include Israel's streets mapping and photography in one of Google's ambitious project - Street View.

In February, 2011, the Israeli government held that in principle such permit will be given and the final approval was given today. Once the Israeli Ministry of Defense made it clear to Google what is forbidden to photograph, the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA) provided Google with the final approval to begin its information collection subject to several conditions such as an online tool allowing Israeli citizens to blur images associated with them.

ILITA made ??it clear that a high privacy standard should govern Google's data collection and publication thus allowing the Israeli public to enjoy the service and still maintain each citizen's relative privacy.

Although Street View suffered some harsh criticism and in some countries it was banned, from an online hearing performed by Mr. Michael Eitan, Minister of Improvement of Government Services, it turns out that the Israeli public is in favor of Street View service.



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