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U.K | Law Books | Hammicks Legal Bookshops 13/11/2006 | Hammicks Legal Bookshops
ENGLAND | Legal Web Sites | Hammicks Legal online bookshop for Professional Information. .. Continue

U.K | Publication | Sweet & Maxwell 13/11/2006 | Sweet & Maxwell
ENGLAND | Legal Web Sites | Sweet & Maxwell is a leading provider of information and solutions to the legal and professional markets in the UK and Ireland. With over 200 years of history and heritage in legal publishing, Sweet & Maxwell offers detailed and specialist knowledge,.. Continue

U.S.A | Publication | Juris Publishing 13/11/2006 | Juris Publishing
USA | Legal Web Sites | Juris Publishing is a full-service legal publisher specializing in International and United States law. We produce integrated reference works written by leading legal authorities and experts. .. Continue

U.S.A | Law Books | 13/11/2006 |
USA | Legal Web Sites | - Law Books, Selp Help Law, Legal Software, etc... Continue

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