Facebook Fights Revenge Porn by Creating Porn Database
Facebook announced a pilot for fighting unauthorized distribution of nude photos ('Revenge Porn') by inviting users to send Facebook naked pictures of themselves. This ironic initiative has cause widespread criticism against the company....continue

07/11 The Blockchain Startup NextBlock will Return Investor Money
Blockchain Venture Capital company NextBlock will return investors' money after providing false information to investors. The company used the names of several advisors who denied having ever worked with the company. Fol...continue

The Indonesian government announced that it will block the WhatsApp service in the country, unless tech companies "clean up" their applications from obscene content. This announcement was made after a surge in the distri...continue

Twitter has suffered massive criticism from users after an apparent malfunction with the apps' search algorithm removed the word "bisexual" from search results. Twitter apologized and informed its users that it is workin...continue

USA | Cyber War
USA | Cyber War | Pentagon on cyber war footing after hacker raid  Review of one of USA's worst digital attacks in history, when a foreign intellig ..Continue
Israel | iPad
Israel | iPad | No real basis for iPad import ban in Israel The writer of the article, Aviv Eilon, Adv, (an Israeli Lawyer specialized in Technol ..Continue
Articles | Cyber crime
Articles | Cyber crime | Computer viruses labs : True story The writer reveilles the story behind a computer viruses lab in Kiev, Ukraine. The lab, ru ..Continue
USA | Pornography
USA | Pornography | Can innocent citizen be convicted in possessing children porn? The article deals with the frightening case of accusing innocent citizen in possessing chi ..Continue

Israel | Communication Data Interceprion
Israel | Communication Data Interceprion | HC 3809/08 Association for Civil Rights v. Israel Police et al Israel's High Court of Justice denied ACLU and Israel Bar Association  ..Continue
Israel | Internet Gambling
Israel | Internet Gambling | 45606-10-10 ISOC v. Tel Aviv District Police Commander et Tel Aviv District Court found police order to Israel's Internet service provider ..Continue
U.K. | copyrights & Software
U.K. | copyrights & Software | Point Solutions Ltd vs. Focus Bbusiness Solutions Ltd "... both parties chose to conduct the proceedings. They chose to deny the judge the assis ..Continue
U.S. | Trademarks & Search Engines
U.S. | Trademarks & Search Engines | J.G. Wentworth v. Settlement Funding As long as the search results or even ads do not display the trademarks, using trademark k ..Continue

Twitter has suffered massive criticism from users after an apparent malfunction with the apps' search algorithm removed the word "bisexual" from search results. Twitter apologized and informed its users that it is working on resolving the issue. ..continue...

06/11/2017 Afghanistan Blocks WhatsApp  

The Afghani government has ordered the suspension of WhatsApp and Telegram messaging services in the country. The government denied ties to anti-terrorist efforts and explained the suspension was initiated in order to resolve technical issues with the service. ..continue...

Google has filed a lawsuit in the US against a Canadian ruling demanding that it removes global search results concerning a Canadian company. The US court decided that the Canadian court order does not apply outside of Canada. ..continue...

The Privacy Protection Authority posted new guidelines concerning the use of surveillance cameras in the workplace. The guidelines set the legal boundaries for the use of cameras in light of employee privacy rights. ..continue...

The US Department of Justice appealed a court ruling from last year. The New York appeals court held that Microsoft can refuse government requests for personal information stored outside the US. ..continue...

A court in Jerusalem accepted a lawsuit against the fashion chain Golbari after a client claimed she received spam messages following a purchase. The court held the company responsible and said that joining a members club does not constitute consent for receiving spam. ..continue...

Facebook's Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos wrote on Tweeter a few days ago, defending Facebook against criticism regarding its inability to handle fake news and offensive content using its famous algorithm. Stamos says that no one in the tech industry really believes the algorithm to be neutral. ..continue...

Israeli intelligence officers motioning the activity of Russian hacker groups found that the popular Kaspersky anti-virus software has been hacked. The Israeli officers informed the US government which in turn ordered US officials to stop using the software. ..continue...

Google is investigating what seems to be Russian efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential elections. The Company found that around 100 thousand dollars were paid by Russian officials to buy ads on Gmail, Google and social media discrediting the Democrat candidate. ..continue...

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