The National Cyber Defense Organization Stops an ‘Unusual’ Cy...
The Israeli National Cyber Defense Organization announced that it recently investigated and stopped an unusual Phishing attack targeting public organizations in Israel. According to the investigation, Iranian hackers took over the servers of a known Israeli University and distributed over 250 Phishing emails....continue

27/04 Wikipedias' new ‘Social Journalism’ Project will Fight Fake ...
Wikipedia is planning on launching a new website which will contain news created by journalists and edited by volunteers. This service will focus on fact checking and will allow readers to better assess the credibility o...continue

The demand for "Hackers for Rent" is on the rise and according to a recent study, seems like the threshold for entering this coveted new line of work is now easier than ever.The study shows prices on hackers-fo...continue

The UK High Court approved a request made by a 14 year old girl with terminal cancer to enter an experimental cryonic suspension process. The court approved the request although said that it is not clear whether the proc...continue

USA | Cyber War
USA | Cyber War | Pentagon on cyber war footing after hacker raid  Review of one of USA's worst digital attacks in history, when a foreign intellig ..Continue
Israel | iPad
Israel | iPad | No real basis for iPad import ban in Israel The writer of the article, Aviv Eilon, Adv, (an Israeli Lawyer specialized in Technol ..Continue
Articles | Cyber crime
Articles | Cyber crime | Computer viruses labs : True story The writer reveilles the story behind a computer viruses lab in Kiev, Ukraine. The lab, ru ..Continue
USA | Pornography
USA | Pornography | Can innocent citizen be convicted in possessing children porn? The article deals with the frightening case of accusing innocent citizen in possessing chi ..Continue

Israel | Communication Data Interceprion
Israel | Communication Data Interceprion | HC 3809/08 Association for Civil Rights v. Israel Police et al Israel's High Court of Justice denied ACLU and Israel Bar Association  ..Continue
Israel | Internet Gambling
Israel | Internet Gambling | 45606-10-10 ISOC v. Tel Aviv District Police Commander et Tel Aviv District Court found police order to Israel's Internet service provider ..Continue
U.K. | copyrights & Software
U.K. | copyrights & Software | Point Solutions Ltd vs. Focus Bbusiness Solutions Ltd "... both parties chose to conduct the proceedings. They chose to deny the judge the assis ..Continue
U.S. | Trademarks & Search Engines
U.S. | Trademarks & Search Engines | J.G. Wentworth v. Settlement Funding As long as the search results or even ads do not display the trademarks, using trademark k ..Continue

A woman requested a court in Brooklyn to approve the submission of a divorce request to her husband on Facebook. The court denied her request and explained that since a fake Facebook profile can be easily created, it is not desirable to allow submission of legal documents in such a way. ..continue...

Two Defense Lawyers Who spied on a prosecutor's Facebook Profile Page ended up facing the ethics comity. Their attorney claimed they “Acted in good faith” and the two received only mild sanctions. ..continue...

Convicted felons have the right to look the judge sentencing them in the eyes, otherwise it is just inhumane, says judge. As of now, this is done by videoconference tecchnology and the question is whether the future is about to change. ..continue...

Judge in money laundering case using Bitcoin currency ruled that Bitcoin should not be considered as money. “A long way to go before it is the equivalent of money”, says judge Teresa Mary Pooler. ..continue...

A US citizen is being charged with murdering his wife after a fitness watch worn by the victim contradicted the defendants’ alibi. The husband claimed his wife was shot by a burglar at 9:00 AM, however the watch showed the victim was in fact murdered an hour later. ..continue...

An appeals court ruled in favor of a plaintiff in a defamation lawsuit against a man who called the plaintiff a "left wing extremist" on Facebook and also accused him of wishing for Israeli soldiers' deaths, all during a vast military operation in the Gaza strip.While the court held that the first part of the publication is not considered defamatio ..continue...

The Israeli hacker who made a business making anonymous threat calls to a variety of institutions is facing criminal charges. His method of operation is now revealed. ..continue...

Uber has been accused of tracking users after the application has been turned off. This comes after in 2015, Apple discovered that Uber tracks users after they delete the application from their phones.Uber admitted to have tracked users on deleted apps in 2015 for fraud prevention purposes and explained that the company still tracks user movement e ..continue...

An anonymous organization has leaked and NSA backdoor to the internet a few days ago and now cyber security experts suspects that approximately 10,000 Windows computers have been infected with the malicious software. Some experts claim that not all infections originated from the NSA and that hackers are copying and distributing the backdoor indepen ..continue...

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