Bitcoin Value Up 20% In Under Three Days
Investors' confidence in Bitcoin continues to rise rapidly. Further to the announcement that two Bitcoin upgrading methods are now compatible, the value rose 20% in under three days....continue

17/06 Hard Measures Taken in Bolivia Against Virtual Currency User...
While more and more countries continue to approve the use of virtual currency, some take extreme actions against citizens who used it. Bolivian officials are now detaining virtual currency users. ...continue

More countries and financial regulators continue to show sympathy towards virtual currencies. Russia central’s bank just announced it is now working on creating a new national virtual currency. ...continue

Bitcoin first crossed $3,000, further to a 150 percent rise in value from last year. At the background – countries and regulatory authorities continue to accept the virtual currency....continue

USA | Cyber War
USA | Cyber War | Pentagon on cyber war footing after hacker raid  Review of one of USA's worst digital attacks in history, when a foreign intellig ..Continue
Israel | iPad
Israel | iPad | No real basis for iPad import ban in Israel The writer of the article, Aviv Eilon, Adv, (an Israeli Lawyer specialized in Technol ..Continue
Articles | Cyber crime
Articles | Cyber crime | Computer viruses labs : True story The writer reveilles the story behind a computer viruses lab in Kiev, Ukraine. The lab, ru ..Continue
USA | Pornography
USA | Pornography | Can innocent citizen be convicted in possessing children porn? The article deals with the frightening case of accusing innocent citizen in possessing chi ..Continue

Israel | Communication Data Interceprion
Israel | Communication Data Interceprion | HC 3809/08 Association for Civil Rights v. Israel Police et al Israel's High Court of Justice denied ACLU and Israel Bar Association  ..Continue
Israel | Internet Gambling
Israel | Internet Gambling | 45606-10-10 ISOC v. Tel Aviv District Police Commander et Tel Aviv District Court found police order to Israel's Internet service provider ..Continue
U.K. | copyrights & Software
U.K. | copyrights & Software | Point Solutions Ltd vs. Focus Bbusiness Solutions Ltd "... both parties chose to conduct the proceedings. They chose to deny the judge the assis ..Continue
U.S. | Trademarks & Search Engines
U.S. | Trademarks & Search Engines | J.G. Wentworth v. Settlement Funding As long as the search results or even ads do not display the trademarks, using trademark k ..Continue

This is the first time it ever happened. A court in Switzerland fined a man for liking and sharing hateful content on Facebook. Beware what you “like”! ..continue...

British Prime Minister Theresa May demands from social networks to help fight terror by removing posts supporting terror and encouraging youngsters to stage terror acts on British soil. ..continue...

Mr. Gazin almost lost his mattress factory because of a vicious WhatsApp rumor. An audio file which was released to the popular messaging app accused Gazin of closing a deal with Satan. ..continue...

Following long discussions at the EU Council, the German legislator is cracking down on social networks and especially Facebook, demanding to impose effective measures to enforce the removal of illegal and offensive texts. Facebook is fighting back, claiming that the German law is “unfair”.  ..continue...

Berlin court denies parents from getting access to their 15-year-old deceased daughter's FB profile. This ruling turns over a year and half old decision which permitted access to the girl’s profile. ..continue...

Cyber-Security firm Kasperski says new GDPR, dated to be mandatory within a year, will enhance the responsibility of IT personal. Furthermore, a survey handled by the company says the new regulation will be very costly to the EU. ..continue...

The Department of Motor Vehicles is now checking if Uber's autonomous truck, "Otto", had been driving on public roads. If the company did a test drive its truck illegally, it could face trial. ..continue...

Playboy model Dani Mathers secretly took a photo of a naked 71 years old woman at the gym and posted it on Snapchat. The judge sentenced her to remove street graffiti plus trial. ..continue...

Due to ongoing and increasing cyber-attacks, China to implement new cybersecurity law. The Law, which is considered by critics as conservational, give users the right to take back control of their personal information. ..continue...

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